The team at Elements Salon & Spa boasts an unwavering commitment to continued education.

It is this dedication that allows us to provide our guests with cutting-edge techniques, the latest product information and offerings, and ensure your overall well-being and satisfaction.


  • Valda Sarty Owner, Elements Salon & Spa

    Valda Sarty Owner Elements Salon & Spa

Elements Salon & Spa has become known as home to some of the most educated and experienced staff in the Wenatchee Valley and beyond.

This depth of experience has allowed us to participate in the Washington Cosmetology Apprenticeship Program, which provides apprentices an opportunity to learn from industry leaders, while pursuing a career in the spa and cosmetology arts.

As a company, our team is dedicated to learning the latest information on products, techniques and innovations, and sharing this cutting-edge information with both clients and apprentices.

Salon Coordinators

  • Emily - Lead Salon Coordinator

    Emily – Lead Salon Coordinator

  • Katie - Salon Coordinator

    Katie – Salon Coordinator & Cosmetology Apprentice

  • Kendra - Salon Coordinator

    Kendra – Salon Coordinator



  • Drea - Stylist

    Drea – Stylist

  • Shelly - Stylist

    Shelly – Stylist, Nails & Waxing

  • Claudia - Stylist, Nails

    Claudia – Stylist & Nails

  • Colleen - Esthetician

    Colleen – Esthetician

Elements Salon & Spa guests enjoy the latest in spa treatments.

Spa packages include revolutionary skin care including microdermabrasion, and microcurrent.

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Spa Services

  • Zoe - Stylist & Nails

    Zoe – Esthetician

  • Katie - Salon Coordinator

    Katie – Cosmetology Apprentice