You’ve survived winter, albeit maybe not entirely unscathed. Your skin might be drier than you’d like and your hair a little dull and lackluster, but not to worry! Sunshine and good hair days are on the horizon.

Transitioning Your Hair From Winter to Spring

After months in survival mode, hair will often start to bounce back to life come spring. The return of humidity and vitamin D has its benefits, but if you’re not careful to adapt your haircare routine to the season, changes to the environment could do more harm than good. In the spring, some people experience an uptick in frizz or greasiness, fading colour, or even hair loss. The changing climate alters our hormone levels and pushes our hair into a resting phase that can lead to shedding.

Your Haircare Routine for Spring Success with These Tips

Here are our tips on how to transition your haircare routine to reap all the rewards of spring and none of the annoyances.

  • Start the season anew with a fresh trim.
  • Remove excess buildup with a deep- cleansing clarifying shampoo or salon detox treatment.
  • Condition like crazy. Restoring moisture is the secret to sleek, springy shine.
  • Swap out your heavy oils and butters for lightweight serums and water-based formulas.
  • Stock up on your favorite frizz-fighting and anti – humidity products to combat the inevitable poof that comes with spring rains.

Spring-ready Salon Services Tailored for you

Book in with a specialist and we’ll mix a treatment from our salon-exclusive range especially for your hair type. Relax, we’ll take it from here – the Naturaltech Tailoring Treatments are formulated for your hair’s every need. Consult with our Davines experts for the perfect combination suited to your hair type, whether you’re looking to strengthen, add shine or make your hair healthier.

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