Dr. Cara SchroederTaking care of my skin is an investment in both results and financially. I have taken the easy route of ordering dermalogica products online but have found that when I do so I don’t get the full value. Why? Because I’m not an expert. I am only going by what the quick description that the product tells me it is going to do.

I want to recommend to all of you who really want to see skin improvement to do what I did and go to Elements, meet with owner and aesthetician Valda and have her give you a personal consultation. She will evaluate your skin and write up an “ideal” skin care routine tailor made for you. It will be the “golden ticket” which might initially seem overwhelming but not to worry.

You may say “but I only want toner”. Ok, that will be on your list. You can only purchase toner. But take it from me, these products work. You can pick and choose “with no offense taken from Valda”. She wants to help you build a skin care routine that will works for you and will help you maintain the beauty of your skin over a lifetime.

Maybe you start small with a face wash, toner and moisturizer. At Elements they keep on file what you have purchased so you always have a “library card” to build on. As you see your products work and can afford to you may choose to add more to your routine such as a Vitamin C serum for example.

The health, youth and beauty of your skin is a lifetime investment. I share this with all of you because at age 63, the only stake I have in this is the wisdom of “trying everything over the years 😂” and beautiful skin that is being maintained with the help of Valda’s 25 years of expertise in the skin care industry.
Are you able to tell I trust and value her knowledge and believe in the results of Dermalogica products? I do or I wouldn’t take the time to share my opinion in this lengthy review.

I highly recommend you call Valda at Elements and schedule a skin consultation to discuss what Dermalogica products are right for you. Please don’t waste your money purchasing online or at a box shop.

Working with a certified local dermalogica skin care specialist who is a veteran aesthetician is so beneficial. I testify to that! Good luck and have fun! There is never a dull moment with Valda and the exceptional team at Elements!

Dr. Cara Schroeder 😊